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We offer full payroll service. We have basic packages to fit every budget. We will run payroll as well as process direct deposits or mail checks. We will also file the state and federal taxes.

Remote Assistance

We offer the ability to work remotely for clients who are actively using their financial software or are not located within the Phoenix area.

Income Taxes

We will prepare your income taxes and electronically file them. We have the proper requirements to be handling and processing your income taxes.

New Business Set-up

We help new businesses start their business and set up finances. We will file the license(s) and corporation with the state. Every client is different. After the initial, we will set up the accounting software and maintain it leaving the client with peace of mind.

Personal Finances

We not only deal with businesses but personal finances. We have prices to meet different budgets. Each month we will provide reports itemizing expenses as well as income.

Account Maintenance

We will reconcile all business accounts every month. Depending on the needs of the client, we will also maintain the finances throughout the month.

Accounts Receivable

We will bill clients for services rendered as well as collect past due invoices. We will deposit and make bank runs.

Accounts Payable

We will pay bills that arrive and are due. All activity is logged into the financial software. The client can choose to sign off on the payments or authorize us to use their banks bill pay service to pay bills that are due.

General Ledger

We know general ledgers and are comfortable setting up accounts, etc. We are knowledgeable of the general ledger set up.

Paperless Office

Banks are beginning to charge to mail statements. As the industry continues to go green, we help clients go green. While being in compliance with the IRS guidelines, we will convert any business to be paperless.


Reports are a visual for clients to see how their business is operating. Logging into a bank account daily does not give a good picture of the business finances, nor does it show if a business is profitable. Clients will receive the basic reports, balance sheet, profit & loss (income statement), and statement of cash flows. Additional reports are provided depending on the client's needs.